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  PPC Consulting Service


For companies managing their own paid search campaign in-house, outsourcing may not be the desired avenue to take. Perhaps you just want to be sure your PPC campaign is running as efficiently as it could be, that your benchmark metrics are reasonable (if you even have such metrics defined), or that you’re receiving as much search visibility as you could be.

Perhaps you question the keywords you’re running, the search engines you’re advertising in, the manner in which you set up and run your campaign, and your positioning and targeting strategies. Do you ever wonder about the dollars you’re spending, the means by which you’re tracking your campaign or how you’re analyzing your campaign data?

If you’re not confident in answering these kinds of questions on your own, you should take advantage of TMDspace‘s expert knowledge and hire us as your PPC consultants. On a fixed-fee project basis, we will analyze your current PPC campaign as it pertains to your overall SEM objectives and produce a detailed, wholly customized Recommendations Report that you can then use to implement campaign upgrades on your own.


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