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  Social Network Marketing

Like traditional marketing, Social Network Marketing shares the same branding and messaging goals, but differs in its execution. Social Network Marketing, or SNM, is a form of Internet Marketing conducted through the many social outlets and opportunities present on the Internet, including social networks, communities, blogs, forums and other emerging forms of online media.

Unlike traditional marketing, Social Network Marketing takes a much more subtle approach because any activity in this arena must be catered to the community-based nature of the social outlet that it serves. An effective SNM campaign must stimulate interest and participation from its target audience without breaking the bonds of consumer trust.

TMDspace understands the unique challenges of the nature of SNM and develops strategies customized specifically for each client entering the social scene. 

What is Social Network?

Popular main-stream Social Network sites include sites like:

Social Network Marketing

However, the term Social Network also applies to a variety of niche forums, news sites, blogs and industry specific consumer generated content sites. Any site where users generate the content can be considered a Social Network site. The main activity on Social Network sites consists of connecting with other like-minded people and/or sharing some form of content.

Types of SNM Services Available

TMDspace offers the following Social Network Marketing services:

  • Social Network Optimization (SNO)
  • Blog Optimization & Support
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Online Media Relations
  • Viral Marketing
What Social Network Marketing Can Do for You

Strengthening brands and creating positive buzz online is what Social Network Marketing by TMDspace is all about.


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